Amazing trip to Lviv

At the Woodstock Ukraine festival you’ll have a great opportunity not only to admire a beautiful landscapes of Svirzh, but also to fall at once into a walk round magical streets of Lviv.
We are organizing a group everyday ( a sightseeing with a guide) for 100 UAN from 1 person.
A formation of groups occurs with a prior agreement with the organizer not later than 3 days before the festival.
A contact telephone number : +38 093 98 88 915

trip to lviv

Feeding on the festival

Feeding on the festival: for everyone, who don’t want to take a lot of cooking utensils, food products and other supplies! We propose you to buy a 3 times per day meal for 80 UAN from 1 person. If you want to have a tasty, delicious meal at the 1st day of the festival, we recommend you to do a prepayment to the card with number 5167 9823 0188 7169 (Scherbakova Dana).
Transfer your money  mentioning the name of the receiver. Please, don’t forget to take your payment receipt with you to the festival as a your confirmation. If you don’t have a prepayment, we can’t provide you with meal at the 1st day of staying at the festival.

Feeding on the festival

Amenities stay at the festival

  • Toilets and showers
  • Place of food
  • Beer-town
  • Place for leisure
  • Beach, kayaking and island of love
  • Place of care
  • day and night security
  • small VIP town
  • VIP-tent city (improved conditions: bed, bedding, food)
  • Luggage storage (room for valuables)
  • Item recharge a mobile phone
  • Rescue Safety on the water
  • Fire truck
  • Car parking
  • And much more …

Everything for your comfort at the festival